Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Totally numb all day, but tried my best as a mother.

Tried hard to focus all my attention on my children today. It’s the school holidays. Most of the day was just with my youngest son, as the older one was at a vacation care camp for the day.

I forced myself to get outside and do some gardening with my son. We also lay down on the sun loungers and just chatted together. We did some craft stuff and read some books. All things he loves to do.

Later when we picked up my older son, we went and had some dinner out, which was a school holidays treat for them. Chatted with my older son about the fun activities he did today, which he really enjoyed.

I pretty much got through today totally numb inside …. whilst faking happiness on the outside, for my children.

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My son and his joy for his little tiny tomatoes.

My son is so excited his tomato plants have grown from little tiny plants, to the stage of growing tomatoes. We are growing them in his old water play table, as I like to recycle stuff.

Every day we go outside and check them out to see how they are doing and water them. My son loves this and he is so excited we will be able to eat them soon.

I read gardening and growing fruit and veg helps young children learn patience, how waiting for things is okay and necessary, as acceptance of delayed gratification is a necessary part of emotional development. As well as a whole other heap of positive reasons why growing food, is good for them to be involved in.

DSC_0083         DSC_0084 DSC_0086

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