Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

What is considered maladaptive to some, is adaptive and needed, for others.

day dreaming2

As a child, I always used daydreaming and pretending I was in another life to cope with the nightmare of the childhood I was stuck within. Now I am regularly daydreaming. Every day. People are nice to me, kind to me, and love me in my daydream world. Just like they did in my childhood daydreams.

day dreaming

When completely alone, with no love, no-one who cares, daydreaming can be a necessary coping need.

I don’t expect most people to understand. I realise it would be considered ‘maladaptive’ by some. That is ‘their’ opinion, based upon ‘their’ own lives/life experiences and ‘their’ own needs. Not mine.

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People simply project their own needs and how ‘they’ need to cope.

I have come to realise virtually every single person who has had an opinion on my life, all those who ‘tell’ me what I should think/feel and give their opinion about abuse, about abusers….. are simply projecting their own needs, and how ‘they’ need/choose to cope with life.

Their opinions and their views have never actually been about me, or what is in my interests. It is purely for themselves, projected outwards and onto me.

Those who need to minimize/trivialise abuse, defend/enable abusers, victim blame/shame, project platitudes, or a certain road in healing/speed of healing, are doing that simply because that is how ‘they’ choose cope.

Those who demand compassion for abusers and ignore the reality of what abusers are and the reality of the suffering they intentionally chose to inflict, are simply doing that simply because that is how ‘they’ choose to cope.

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De-activated Twitter completely.

I need to no longer have social media of any kind.

So many reasons why, which I don’t have the energy, or desire to write about in any detail.

I mainly just need to protect myself completely, from people who don’t know me and don’t care about me.