Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Gardening pics

Update on my gardens, as they grow and mature. I’ve been gardening for a few months now and the gardens are starting to mature and are looking increasingly lovely.


My flowering arch, looking beautiful now it is covered with flowers.



My son’s tomatoes, continuing to get bigger – to his delight. Hopefully they will start turning red soon. Continue reading

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How the fuck did this paedophile enabler end up a ‘Bishop’???


The retired Rockhampton bishop allowed a priest to stay on at a parish even though he knew he was a paedophile, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard.

Bishop Brian Heenan also admitted at one point he tried to protect the reputation of the Catholic Church rather than consider the victims of sexual abuse.

Bishop Heenan was cross-examined over the Church’s responses to the abuse allegations at St Joseph’s Orphanage at Neerkol, west of Rockhampton, from the 1940s to the 1970s.

He allowed one of the main offenders, Father Reg Durham, to continue working for the Catholic Church for three years despite a woman alleging in 1994 he sexually abused her since she was a child.

The church’s reputation is always paramount. And they are sick bastards.

These abusers get promoted…. they get encouraged and enabled. Why? Because they don’t worship Jesus, they worship Satan. Continue reading

Classic example of narcissism. And a non genuine apology. Britt McHenry and her vitriol.

This a classic case of overt narcissism. Annoyed, so felt completely ‘entitled’ to consider herself above and better than this woman she is verbally attacking. Verbal abuse. Demeaning, bullying, nasty. Disgusting.


And then comes the fake apology….. as narcissistic people don’t know how to have real remorse, or a conscience.


Why is it fake…….. but it is ‘all about her’ and not showing any Continue reading


Updated website with a page about complex childhood trauma – wiring the brain for fear.

I am often updating and adding to my Website.

I have now added a page, which I will continue to add to, with info about the child’s brain becoming wired for fear, if they experience childhood complex trauma.

And how this is not something you can just ‘get over’. And why.

My website receives a lot of traffic, and the more that understand this, the better.


Update, also added a page with links to educate about the life impacting consequences to mental and physical health, caused by complex trauma. Continue reading


Fear…. my ever faithful companion.


I accept my brain is wired for fear. I’ve accepted this has been my ‘normal’ all my life and this fear has intensified and compounded through every trauma, every abuse, every hurt and harm caused to me. I feel deeply sad that I have known fear and anxiety since I can ever remember and probably before that.

Yesterday was a bizarre day. It was a good day and surprising things happened, that gave me hope yesterday.

Today, all I feel is anxiety, fear and apprehension about it. This is how much fear is within me. Fear of people.

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