Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Volunteering was exhausting, but good.

Started my first day of volunteering today and it went really well.

The people were nice, it felt like an okay atmosphere. Some of the people were very friendly.

The work was good and worthwhile, although a lot of lifting and bending and I do already have back, neck and shoulder pain, so it was hard on my body.

The whole thing was pretty exhausting ….. new people, new environment, not knowing what I was meant to be doing being new, physically demanding.

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Developing who I am – due to having a ‘no pre trauma’ me ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

A post to my page that is resonating with others.

no pre-trauma identity

For many of us that were abused in childhood onwards, we don’t have a ‘pre-trauma’ us.

We’ve endured trauma and the consequences of it, since we can remember.

This is very different to having a ‘good enough childhood’ and then experiencing trauma later on, or as an adult and has many different challenges.

This leaves a survivor with a sense of not knowing who they really are and we have to create that person as part of healing. Continue reading