Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The deepest issues caused by child sexual abuse, I will never be able to discuss with anyone.

I can’t even write about what is in my mind. Memories, things that happened as a result of the grooming process. The shame I feel that still haunts and pervades my life.

Some of this just bubbled up and I spent the last 30 minutes locked in my bedroom crying. Sobbing. I am trying now to pull myself together as my children are home and I cannot cry all day.

I doubt I will ever talk about it. Counselling is no where near safe enough to talk about any of this and I have no-one else.

I want to die.

It hurts too much.


Society should understand the ‘real’ mind of paedophiles. They are proud of it.


This former teacher, is proud of being a paedophile. He thinks it is okay and should be legal.

Sure some paedophiles will tell you they don’t all think this way, well do you really believe them? A mind this sick and you want to believe they are not manipulating and grooming adults too, to believe their lies?

This article shows how they really think. Continue reading


How sad that many consider compassion for those abused, to be ‘critical’.

My aim, my motivation for all I do online, is to help those abused, help validate their pain, their journey.

This does include validating emotions about those who intentionally cause the harm.

This means not avoiding the reality of harm caused to people, not avoiding other people’s pain, not minimizing it, not being in denial of it, and not choosing all those other cognitive distortions that keep life easy and comfortable.

Sadly, when this contradicts what some people think, the accusations fly of this being viewed as critical.

Critical of what? Abuse? Too right I am critical of abuse. Critical of church people who abuse others. Too right I will be critical about that. Critical of abuser enablers. Yes, I will be critical of that.

And it is not criticism for the sake of being critical. It is about courage and speaking up for those harmed.

But, those who choose to be selfish, choose cognitive distortions, choose egocentricity…… will defend their issues any way they can. And attack the compassion of those who are willing to have courage and integrity to speak up and not avoid and stay silent. Continue reading