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Pretty stressed, as my son has a mass of lumps in his neck.

My 12 year old son had an ultra sound and chest x-ray today, following blood tests, because he has lumps in his neck that are growing in size.

These lumps are at the side of his neck, not where you get swollen glands with a sore throat. They are inline with the back of his ear. They can visibly be seen sticking out of his neck. He’s had them for over 6 months, and the previous GP we saw about them, said they were okay and only be concerned if they got bigger.

Well, they are bigger and have grown in this last 6 months. I can see on the ultra sound x-rays, there are many lumps both sides of neck and a few are over 2cm’s is size. One is over 3cm’s in size.

The GP we saw this week, had said if there were bigger than 2cm’s, tests would need to be done to find out what they are and what’s caused them. He seemed concerned about them.  Continue reading

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Invited to participate in a university mental health initiative, due to my Website & work.

Received the following request to join an initiative, this being based upon my Website and work.

I feel honoured to be asked, and I have confirmed I will participate, as it will help more people.

Northwestern University’s #BreakTheStigma campaign has launched!

Message Dear Lilly: I’m on the marketing team for Northwestern University and I wanted to reach out to you directly about the launch of our #BreakTheStigma Campaign for May’s Mental Health Month!

We would love to get your participation in our efforts. You are an example of someone who is breaking down stigmas surrounding mental illness. Counseling@Northwestern is honored to celebrate leaders like you who work every day to stomp out negative attitudes and stereotypical beliefs about those who have mental health conditions.

We recently posted an announcement on our blog for #BreakTheStigma that details how we plan to spread awareness about this initiative. http://counseling.northwestern.edu/announcing-the-breakthestigma-campaign/ Since you are a voice with an audience in the mental space, would you do us the honor of partnering with us to promote our campaign on your website? I can send you an intro/description of our Call-To-Action along with our mental health month logo to illustrate for a quick and easy blog post. Continue reading