Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Support in counselling, about fear, intensity of emotions, and how this deeper processing, hurts more.

A post to my page about one area discussed today at counselling. It surprised me, to have my emotions and their intensity validated.

My counsellor confirmed today, how the level of intensity of the emotions needed to be felt about intentional abuse caused …… needs to be a true reflection of the level of the severity of the abuse caused ….. in order to process the deeper aspects of the trauma.

So basically, the more severe the trauma/abuse, the greater the level of intensity of disgust, anger, hurt, betrayal etc….. the greater the intensity of those emotions needed to be felt.

So, for those who have endured considerable ongoing abuse and trauma and the abuse was intentional and deliberate, these intense emotions, are absolutely valid, and needed.

It was very helpful and validating for me to hear this today. Continue reading

Not crazy, highly intuitive ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

introverted intuition

I love Carl Jung’s work.

I have come to realise, those who do not have the same level of intuition, insight etc into humanity, won’t understand those who do have deeper levels and capacity to work people out.

I learned intuition young. I needed to. To survive my childhood.

And I have also learned – those who don’t understand something on the same level will reject it, disrespect it, and deem it always to be ‘wrong’. Continue reading