Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The strength is in the SURVIVAL and the type of person it creates.

Severe trauma like complex trauma – prolonged trauma, repeated trauma, prolonged child abuse, prolonged domestic violence, incest, child sexual abuse…… these are trauma no-one should ever endure, we never deserved to endure¬†and we were not designed to endure.

We need to reflect on how we survived what was meant to destroy us, in some cases meant to kill us.

We are already strong, courageous, brave and amazing to have survived all that. Full stop!

Please reflect on that.

We are already strong.

We are already courageous.

We are already brave.

No matter how we cope afterwards, we have already shown we have survived severe trauma and that alone is INCREDIBLE!!

Too many people focus on those who recover in full and heal completely as being the ones who are strong. I am so very happy for their full recovery, but that does not in any way make them stronger or more courageous than those who are not fully recovered.

I am so over society deeming only those who fully recover as being strong. Only those who meet society’s desires to not see anyone suffering….. so consider only those no longer suffering and struggling to be the strong ones.

This is such bullshit. Continue reading

Belle Gibson – typical narcissistic psychopath type – pathological lying, exploitative, no remorse, no empathy, no guilt, acting the victim.

Belle Gibson intentionally exploited many. And she intentionally exploited vulnerable people – those battling cancer. That is despicable.

She lied about everything. Then when exposed for the liar she is, tried to blame a ‘bad childhood’. But, her mother has confirmed, this is more lies too. Which does not surprise me at all. And I am far more inclined to believe her mother, when Belle is already proven to be a pathological liar, with no empathy, or remorse.


She meets many criteria for a narcissist, sociopath, psychopath. And even described herself as a psychopath once.

Millions fell for all her lies. All her exploiting. They are the true victims, not Belle Gibson.

I see posts about her, and some people have misplaced compassion, want to make excuses for her, want to focus far more on her issues and want to believe more of her lies, being groomed further by the predatory/manipulative behaviours she has already duped many with. These people don’t realise they are being groomed and duped too. Continue reading