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What do the Duggars & Mark Driscoll have in common?

They have more in common than many would realise.

They are both…

Right wing, fundamentalist, conservative hypocrites.

They both demonise gay people, whilst committing devastating sin themselves.

They consider being gay a sin (I don’t), yet believe their own horrendous actual sins of abuse, to be ‘mistakes’.

They completely minimize and excuse their own intentional abusive actions, yet magnify what they believe are sins in others.

They are dishonest, liars.

They only dealt with what they did, when caught out and forced to.

They exploit people through Bible bashing and wrong interpretation of the Bible, so they are exploiting God. Continue reading

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The Duggar revelations about incest. Another example of religious and toxic hypocrisy.

So the ‘perfect’ (Baptist) ‘Christian’ Duggar family, who demonised LGBT people, projected their very ‘right wing’, fundamental religious ways,……. have now had the incest that was covered up and kept quiet, exposed.

Typical scenario of a toxic religious, Bible bashing, church people’s home life. Secrecy, abuse, pretending to be what they not, harming others with their conservative, sociopathic views…… and are absolute hypocrites in the process.


Secrecy, covering up abuse, hypocrisy, toxic religiosity….. far more common than is realised.

And I agree, this is not something people should be taking delight in at all…….

“We have to remember, as we talk about this, that five little girls — at least five little girls — were abused and molested,” Savage said. “And there’s nothing here to take delight in or to celebrate.”

And the (religious) ‘treatment centre’ – he was sent to, is also abusive and harming, sexually abusing people.