Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Love, does not ‘tolerate’ all.


‘Tolerance’ is pushed in society as being something that needs to be extended to all behaviours and all people.

There is little wisdom, in that sentiment.

Firstly, wisdom is required to know what is to be tolerated, and what should not be tolerated.

There is no virtue in tolerating toxic, harmful behaviour, or toxic, harmful people.

Two quotes I struggle with, but need to remember. No judgment required.



I am aware I suck at these.

They are advice I give to others…. I shared them today on my page…….because my mind knows they are true……… but I definitely do not feel them all the time.

I am aware there are also very valid reasons why I do struggle with these, and I don’t judge myself anymore for it.

What I feel, is what I feel.

No judgment required.

Poetry, for trauma survivors, is a deeply personal expression, of words that can often not be spoken.

I write poetry sometimes. I have nearly always has a good reaction when I’ve shared it, but sometimes people choose to criticise, choose to demean it.

Which is simply a reflection of their own issues.

I will keep writing, as I need to for me, and I know it does help others.

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