Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Having Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia etc, commonly co-occurs with severe PTSD/Complex PTSD.

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The above is from http://www.post-traumata.com/post-traumatic-stress-ptsd-tiredness-fatigue.html

I have many the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and I am aware it is all part of the bigger umbrella of having Complex PTSD.

It makes sense after decades of trauma, anxiety, an overworked adrenaline system, prolonged fear from young childhood onwards … and the affect on the body, as well as the brain…… that fatigue and many other physical illness will be a part of the effects.

I see clearly the impact of being in a continual state of trauma and survival, has upon a body. And obviously the longer the body and mind have been exposed to trauma and it’s affects, the greater the likelihood of physical illness occurring.

So in my situation, it would be odd if I didn’t have physical illness co-occurring. Continue reading


Trust issues, continue to cause isolation ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


I am aware I have huge trust issues. I don’t consider people ‘bad’ if I don’t trust them. I just need to protect myself. With good reason. I’m aware I also do give people chances, but once I decide they are no longer trustworthy, that is that.

I’ve brought this up in counselling and I explained as best I could that due to things that were not helpful or okay that have been said, I have trust issues. The trust issues, are based in considerable fear. Fear of being hurt anymore. Fear of being abused. Fear of being abandoned. Fear of many things.

Severe, prolonged, interpersonal trauma, does this to you. And is very valid. Abnormal life experiences, mean someone sees life differently – due to the greater/deeper experiences endured…… to those who have led more average lives. And when it involves past and more recent trauma by church people, issues within my marriage….. that fear of trust, keeps going.

If I could focus on trauma just being within the first half of my life, it might be easier. But, my trauma history, has been throughout my entire life. And by many people. I also realise, due to having to process the extent and depth of severity of my trauma history – which is more trauma …. I am in survival mode. And that creates greater issues with trust, fear, withdrawing – all those things that I have needed to deal with, to survive. Continue reading