Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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M. Scott Peck – The Road Less Travelled – The Tools & Techniques Needed For Confronting Suffering

‘The Road Less Travelled’ ….. is one of several books I am in the process of reading. I often have several books on the go…… I am always reading, absorbing, learning….growing.

Peck writes how suffering needs to be dealt with. Something I had come realise recently. You have to be willing to go through the pain, to heal. All of the pain. Suffering cannot be avoided, suppressed… or healing will not occur. And when we are not healing, our soul begins to shrivel and die.

I realised the other day, after a failed attempt at taking medication recently.. I cannot medicate my pain away. I have to feel it. I have to deal with it. No matter how long that takes. Medicating it away…. stops me confronting it.

Peck writes about the 4 discipline tools, needed to be able to deal with suffering…

1. Delayed Gratification

2. Acceptance of Responsibility

3. Dedication to Truth

4. Balancing.

Well, that is hopeful for me. Because I recognise all of these, and did not require anyone to tell me.

With regard to those needed tools to confront suffering….

I realise I have to go through this pain of dealing with my past in it’s entirety. If I delay this suffering further, choosing instead the easier place of denial, I won’t heal. As Peck says, these are needed to confront pain…. not avoid legitimate suffering.

‘Legitimate Suffering’. I must remember that is what I am enduring. In the past, and now.   Continue reading

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Found ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ kindled the book ‘If You Feel Too Much’ – Amazing!

I love when I come across empathic and compassionate people…….. it gives me hope.

The non profit organisation ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ – is amazing and I am so thankful for all they do and to have found them. http://twloha.com/

Jamie Tworkowski – the founder – has written and published a book I have kindled ‘If You Feel Too Much’ and it is really interesting, and full of compassion and empathy for those struggling, suffering. Yet gives gentle hope, in a non demanding way, where people’s struggles are accepted and understood.

This is from the book – and I love it!

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Some lovely feedback, that reflects what I try to do with my calling/passion.

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This was posted today onto my Facebook page. I have removed the name for privacy reasons.

Validation, empathy, kindness, being a light…… is what I am aim to do.

It helps when I know I achieve that.


Yes, this is exactly how toxic religious people excuse & minimize abuse, and place abusive demands on victims.

religious ppl

These ‘demands’ religiously toxic and abusive people project, are BS.

This goes on a lot and I see this becomes a way for abusers to minimize the abuse, and project these demands onto others, including their victims….. which is not what is wise, healthy or appropriate.

They just play the ‘grace/forgiveness’ card and lord that over people.

They demand forgiveness, often without deserving it, without being honest about what they have done, without repentance. And without any regard as to the victims needs and the depth of suffering and harm caused.

They have NO right to demand forgiveness, grace. But, toxic, disordered, unwise people… use these demands well and for their own needs. It is never about the victims needs.

It’s so easy to abuse someone and then just say ‘God has forgiven me – so should you’.

Anyone with true repentance and compassion for their victims, would never demand or expect forgiveness – because they would know this is not ‘their’ choice, or demand to make. Continue reading