Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Helpful to me to see a Baptist minister, who is not like many. Praise God!

I had not heard of Dr Tony Campolo, until I saw his post about Churches needing to have full acceptance of LGBTQ people and marriage quality.


This got my attention, because it is not the views of many conservative, right wing, fundamentalist type Baptists. I have been abused by one such Baptist ‘Minister’ – who has stated he will leave Baptist Church if they direct ministers to not see being gay (LGBTQ) as ‘sin’. Plus a whole heap of other spiritually abusive traits, issues, thinking (along with pathological lying, narcissism).

I am aware of the abusive ways of far too many ‘Fundies’ and the psychological issues they have…. which is fitting that in psychology terms – fundamentalism is now being considered as a mental disorder. And I agree, it should be. Christian Fundamentalism is as dangerous and unhealthy as it is in any other religion. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/351347

So, it was good to see this change of heart by Tony Compolo, who not only changed his mind on this matter, but also confirms his wife was right and through not only considerable prayer and soul searching, but through her love and heart, helped to change his heart. Continue reading


Feedback showing me I am on the right track, in truly helping & giving people ‘gentle hope’.

This comment was in relation to my advice about not shaming people, not demanding people be ‘strong’ all the time, how it’s okay to not be okay…. and suffering does not always ‘make people strong’, or build character, sometimes suffering just hurts.

“There are too many shoulda , coulda, wouldas ….. Lilly you would be the last person on this earth to ever shame anyone….. everyone one of us is on our own journey , our own level of understanding and acceptance , of suffering , remembering, re-living etc…. there are no rights and no wrongs …. what I love about your forum is that you present us with cold hard facts… signs / symptoms, realities that all of us or some of us live with everyday ….. You help me more than you will ever know .. because for the first time ever ( apart from with my counsellor) … despite everyone’s good intententions… I feel validated and understood … that goes a long long way in giving someone hope . ! “

I know people who have suffered greatly from severe prolonged abuse, need gentle hope, gentle compassion, gentle care. Continue reading


A very courageous patient, who has experienced significant trauma. Validation still feels weird. Odd. Strange.

My doctor/counsellor copied me into a letter this week, sent to a hydro/physiotherapist. I needed to be referred regarding all these added physical illness issues I am experiencing.

The first line in the letter “(My name) is a very courageous patient attending our rooms with significant trauma in her past, and working through the issues surrounding this”.

That was pretty validating to read in both who I am as a person – ‘very courageous’ … and what I have experienced – ‘significant trauma’. And I realise the courage required to be ‘working through it’.

Despite the fact that I know this for myself…. it still impacts me when I see validation. No doubt because I have received so little from people in my life. From people who matter. Continue reading

Breaking news…. the Catholic Church will have inhouse investigations of paedophile priests & enablers. Nope, not okay Pope Francis.



I had high hopes for Pope Francis, I really wanted him to be someone who dealt with truth and reality and wisdom.

He has failed on two areas already….

1. He supports physical abuse to children (physical discipline) and calls it ‘beautiful’.

2. He now wants in-house investigations into paedophile priests & their enablers. Not good enough. the police should be immediately notified as crime should. Continue reading

Some views and opinons peddled in society, are anything but wise or enlightened.

sad child

So many views peddled in society… are nothing more than lies and cognitive distortions.

They aim to take people away from the truth. Or even if that is not the intentional aim, it is the reality.

Suffering occurs, because people choose to harm others.

That is not for any ‘good reason’.

That is not to ‘teach someone needed lessons’.

That is not ‘where they are meant to be’.

That is not ‘to make you stronger’.

That is not what God wants, ever.

All these lies, are so unwise, and yet are peddled as being enlightened and they are anything but. Continue reading