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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Glad to see Facebook are taking internet theft of intellectual property, seriously.

I have had my website info I wrote stolen and posters cropped to remove my page name etc… and it is theft of my intellectual property, and it is copyright infringement and it is not okay.

Just because it is easy to do on the internet, does not make it okay. I source everything I share. I have the integrity and moral responsibility ethics to do that.

The page on Facebook ‘PTSD Break The Silence’ – have stolen my work several times and despite confronting them, they continued to do it.

Some people and admins will do anything to boost their likers and take the glory.

So, after being advised to report this to Facebook, Facebook confirmed they removed the posts I reported as it directly infringed copyrights, is theft of my intellectual property and doesn’t comply with their Rights and Responsibilities. Continue reading