Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I will live in the truth of my life.

I intend remaining in the truth of my life. I have no choice, I am unable to live any other way. Once your eyes are opened and the truth is revealed, there is no going back.

I know what was done to me in the past. I know the intentionality of the abuse, by the abusers. I know they knew it was wrong and did it anyway.

I will not allow anyone to erode that truth.

I will not allow anyone to force their opinions about how I ‘should’ feel about these abusers, or any abusers.

I will not allow anyone try to make me feel I am not good enough, for thinking and feeling the way I do.

I will not allow anyone to shame me with their opinions.

I will not allow anyone minimize what I have endured.

I will not allow anyone to minimize all the emotions I have, rightfully so, after all I have endured.

I will not allow anyone to invalidate my suffering, pain and grieving.

At the same time, I will not allow this truth and these emotions to stop me living my life and finding joy and increasing peace, I am striving for.

I will and do validate all the good, all the joyful, all the wonderful in my life and know this exists and I value, embrace and live for this.

I will live in my truth that life is and can be horrendous and wonderful, all at the same time. Continue reading