Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Proof of intentional cyber bullying and abuse.

I recently reported a PTSD page to Facebook, for (multiple) theft of intellectual property, which was from both my page and website. I had every right to do so, especially as they refused to take down the work which had my page/website details removed and work had been copied from my website, and no source given, so they passed it off as their own. Facebook, confirmed theft of intellectual property.

As a result of this, I received considerable cyber abuse, trolling and harassment.

This is proof of said abuse. This stolen poster was removed by Facebook when I reported it, as it clearly was stolen. This woman’s behaviour and actions are also slander and defamation.

This was my original poster, created in March 2015.

Fullscreen capture 28062015 45919 PM

I updated this recently to add my page name, due to people stealing my posters and removing the page name at the top.

I received this post to my page recently and Ashley Garrison, posted this to many posts on my page, in a deliberate act of abuse, lying, accusations, and bullying.

Fullscreen capture 28062015 52812 PM

This shows a watermark she added, and then accused me of stealing. There is no way I could have removed that watermark, to steal that poster. And I have many posters, with the same picture, same font on the writing on my page. It is clearly my poster. It was written by me, my words, my picture. And she intentionally added a watermark and then accused me of theft, which is exactly what she did herself. Narcissistic projection, intentional abuse, lying and harm.


Facebook removed this poster and confirmed it was theft of my intellectual property. Fullscreen capture 28062015 33856 AM  Continue reading


People who make excuses for those who intentionally harm others, are enabling them.


The world is full of people making excuses for nasty people. It’s easier to condone it, than to confront it. Confronting it, takes more effort and more integrity. Apathy and enabling go on all the time, and are preferred by those who lack maturity, lack conscience, lack insight, lack courage and lack integrity to truth.

Making excuses for nasty people, is unwise and enabling. I don’t think many realise they are being manipulated by people who choose to harm others and have no remorse, no conscience, no empathy, no guilt and like hurting others. Feeling sorry for them and making excuses for them, is exactly what these people want and they will manipulate people continually.

All these personality traits many people lack – conscience, remorse, empathy, guilt, honesty… are the traits of those with narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic disorders, and they do not care who they hurt and they know what they do is wrong. They are not delusional or psychotic. They are completely aware of their chosen actions.

Having learned from experts, that 1 in 10 people are really high on the continuum for narcissism/sociopathy/psychopathy and this is increasing …. it makes the world very unhealthy. There are a lot of people out there, who lack the basic human qualities and virtues of empathy, conscience, remorse, that are required to be a decent human being.

To make excuses, enables them. It plays into their needs. It sends them a really bad message that what they do, is okay. Making excuses for them, blaming their childhood, blaming it on mental health, is a cop out to pander to their needs.

Many people who have bad childhoods, don’t end up being abusers, so a bad childhood is not an excuse. It may be a factor in the reasons, but it is not ever an excuse. To abuse people, is still a choice. And those choices should not be excused.

Those who claim excuses need to made for people who intentionally harm others, and then make the victims feel ‘bad’ for having appropriate understanding and emotions about the harm causes, are being abusive themselves, even if un-intentionally. Emotionally abusive, and shifting blame and shame from the perpetrator of the abuse, to the victim. Continue reading