Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The Impact Of Narcisisstic Parents, On Their Children – Seth Meyers Psy.D

It is so helpful to read information and validation from professionals, who do understand the full impact of the toxic and profound abuse, narcissistic parents cause.


From the above link…

It’s not until the adult children of a narcissist get (a lot of) psychotherapy, or have a life-changing experience that pulls them away them from the disturbed parent that these adult children can truly begin to heal – and then create better, more normal relationships that offer the give-and-take reciprocation most of us have and value in our relationships.

If you happen to be someone who has suffered at the hands of a narcissistic parent, talk to your friends and other family members about your experience, and consider talking to a mental health professional. After years of dealing with the inconsistency of a narcissistic parent, it can be extremely healing to have a therapist help you make sense of the craziness. Continue reading


Thankful to be able to teach my children empathy, honesty, self worth, responsibility & resilience.

I hold the understanding of all of the consequences of my life/journey and all I have been through.

I hold the capacity to see all the harm, destruction, hurt, pain, suffering and I don’t deny, minimize or invalidate that anymore.

I also have the capacity to see the gifts that have come, in spite of all the abuse.

One of the biggest, is my capacity to teach my children empathy and compassion for others. I talk with my children about how to treat others, how to put themselves into the lives of other people and see it from their point of view and how they feel. How to have compassion for those who have less and to want to help them. How to be a decent human being. How to be honest and take responsibility for their actions. And much more. And I see how this is helping them to grow empathy, responsibility, honesty and compassion. I see their capacity for compassion to others.

I also teach my children self worth and resilience. Continue reading


Focus on the light…. not on darkness.


Had some wonderful support and advice today from someone via Twitter and I was so blessed with that. I also have so much support from so many genuine, kind and caring people. I have had so many messages recently offering support during a particularly difficult time.

Focussing on the good, genuine people, is needed and always the focus.

There will always be people with darkness within them and non genuine motivations……. but there are always those who are the opposite and I am blessed to have support from many of these ‘lights’ too.

I realise I will always come against haters, who will do whatever they can to pull someone down and that is ‘their’ issue…. but my work reaches those who need it and I am blessed to help others.

And as Prof, Brene Brown so rightly states, “Your critics are not the ones who matter’. And her favourite quote ‘Don’t try to win over the haters, you’re not the jackass whisperer’.

My motto needs to remain ‘Focus on the light, not on the darkness’.