Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Wicked Games… people like to play and destroy you in the process.

Just heard this song on The Voice…. and it reminded me of my favourite version – London Grammar, singing this.

Some people are wicked and do wicked, evil things and enjoy it. I’ve seen and endured far too much of this, since childhood.

They intentionally reel you in, and then intentionally do their damage. And have no remorse, no conscience, no empathy. And they enjoy it.

They intentionally destroy you, make you suffer over long periods of time and feel such pain… and they don’t care at all.

Back to hydrotherapy. Video’s to help with physical illness caused by complex trauma.

Due to chronic and increasing back, shoulders, neck and leg pain… I decided hydrotherapy would really help. I’ve only been once a few weeks ago, and then the school holidays started. The pool heated to 32 degrees, is used for school/vacation activities, but now it is back to normal, so I can continue with hydrotherapy exercises.

It is common for complex trauma survivors to have physical health illness, such as chronic pain and joint/muscle pain, caused by continual anxiety, the physical effects of hypervigilance, constant muscle tightening, and many physical/somatic illness related to prolonged abuse and child abuse. Plus common co-occurring neurological, neurobiological and medical disorders such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. Of which many complex trauma and severe, prolonged abuse survivors will be on the continuum for.

I’ve been researching, as the resourceful person I am… as I cannot afford to pay for hydrotherapy. I’ve found info on the internet, including these YouTube video’s too.

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My ‘anti-victim blaming/shaming’ & ‘anti-mental illness shaming/stigma’ messages… are getting out there.

I know my life, my capacity to think deeply, my deep awareness of what feels wrong…. enables me to sense and consider matters to a deeper level than many. Deeper than even within some in the mental health industry/advocacy field. As had been shown over the last few weeks within interactions.

I realise it is only through my own suffering, my own severe trauma history that I have this capacity. I am never going to say abuse is a gift – it isn’t – as abuse is something no-one should ever endure and is never deserved/needed.

But, I see deeper life experiences can sometimes create a deeper sense of life wisdom and thought process. A deeper sense of empathy and authenticity to the realities of life. And to use that to help others, is my passion.

Complex trauma survivors, who despite all the abuse are good people and don’t hurt others, have suffered enough.

I’m glad through my posts, the message I have about ‘shaming’ people who have already suffered greatly… that I see clearly is perpetuated within society overall…. is being heard by some people. Continue reading


Egocentric, ‘all about me’, apathy attitudes everywhere.

I met up with a new friend the other day, for a play date with her daughter and my son, who are in grade one class at school.

This woman comes along to the food bank I volunteer at and takes 2 boxes (which is only meant to happen for large families and she only has 2 young children). And she is one of those people who has money to buy other luxuries in life, but ‘takes’ from a food bank to get really cheap food. That bothers me, but I realise sadly many people ‘abuse’ charities and the good work volunteers do, for their own selfish needs. I realise there are a % of people who do this, ‘taking’….. but I try to focus on the genuine people in need.

During a conversation, she spoke about how she doesn’t watch the news and ‘doesn’t care’ about other people’s problems, she has enough of her own. (Don’t we all). She doesn’t want to see horrible stories about what happens to people.

She displayed the common attitude of avoiding and apathy, that sadly society promotes… that has no level of empathy, no compassion for others, and no awareness of life outside of own egocentric circle. Continue reading