Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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It is not true that time heals all…

There is a very silly quote that goes around saying ‘time heals all’.

Complete rubbish.


In fact, if you do nothing except wait for time to heal, issues like PTSD, the consequences of severe abuse etc, can worsen. I know this, because mine did. Avoiding dealing with trauma, makes it worse.

It is what you do with the time, that decides whether healing will occur.

And healing can occur, but it needs dedication to learning and changing whatever is required.

I’m healing, albeit slowly. And it may be a lifetime journey for me, and I’m okay with that. Healing takes as long as it takes. Continue reading


Shame shifting – from perpetrator/offender/abuser – to victim. I see clearly how much this goes on.

‘Shame shifting’.

A common occurrence in society. Prolific behaviour within dysfunctional/disordered/toxic families. A much utilised tool for spiritual abuse by many church/religious people.

I see this all very clearly.

I’ve always ‘known’ instinctively how wrong this is. Always felt it. But, didn’t have the understanding or ability to put words to it.

I do now.

Shame is about feeling like a bad person. Being made to feel like a bad person. Abuse survivors, do not need to be abused further, by being shamed. Abuse survivors, did not have a choice when abused. The abuser, did have a choice.

Shame shifting is common with those who demand forgiveness for abusers. And claim those who don’t forgive their abusers, are the ‘bad people’. Shame shifting from abuser, to victim.

Shame shifting is common with those who demand ‘compassion’ for abusers. And claim those who don’t have compassion, are the ‘bad people’. Shame shifting from abuser, to victim.

Shame shifting is common with those who demand abuse should not be exposed and the victim should keep quiet. And claim those who do speak up, and do expose the evil of abuse, are the ‘bad people’. Shame shifting from abuser, to victim.

No severe abuse survivor, especially those where the abuse is denied by the abuser, ‘has’ to forgive, or ‘has’ to have compassion for an abuser, or ‘has’ to keep quiet.

All that is for the perpetrator’s benefit, and often simply enables them, and protects them. And these demands by others, deeply and negatively affect the victim’s healing journey.

Healing is not dependent on forgiveness, despite what some say. Survivors of severe abuse are free to forgive and free not to forgive and neither is morally better than the other.

But, I see continually¬†how shame is shifted from the abuser… to the victim. Continue reading


My Complex Trauma, PTSD & Complex PTSD Website stats, are increasing continually :)

My Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/ is continually increasing in views.

Which is great – especially for those who do not have access to therapy. Not everyone has access to therapy, or has access to quality trauma focussed therapy.

There’s stacks of info, including a lot of info from professionals in the field. There’s coping strategies to manage symptoms and heaps of info about symptoms, therapy types, resources, book recommendations etc.

It’s my gift to anyone who may need it.

And it helps that it is recommended by professionals in the field, as that helps viewers to know the info is quality info.

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