Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Pseudoscience & new age lies …. for the easily influenced, vulnerable, cognitively distorted & those who take full advantage.

It makes me sad how increasingly society is falling for the many lies of pseudoscience and new age BS. It all plays on people’s weaknesses, vulnerabilities and distorted thinking. And I don’t like seeing people seduced by lies. I care that people are being duped and lied to. I care how unhealthy is makes people and society. I care it can harm people.

It is becoming more and more evident just how much people want to believe anything that takes them away from truth and how sad that is. I can identify so many cognitive distortions now and I can literally check them off as I read or hear the views/lies expressed. It is quite weird to be in that position to understand all this. Continue reading

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INFP/INFJ personality type.


The Myers Briggs/Jung type tests, always indicate I am either INFP, or INFJ and I know I fluctuate between the two, depending on the situations. And both are tiny minorities of the personality types. And the least understood by others.

I relate to this drawing. I have accepted most people don’t understand me. I have accepted I cannot ‘save humanity’, but can only do my little part and model what I feel is needed. But humanitarian and social justice work, is a huge interest of mine and somewhere I think I am heading. Harmony is an increasing need within me, but not at the expense of honesty, reality, truth, or others being negatively impacted, or by applying cognitive distortions. It’s a challenging path.

I continually talk about ‘balance’ and I know this is where wisdom is found. Not in the ‘all or nothing’, ‘polarised’, distorted and dysfunctional thinking humanity often prefers.

Reading other people’s souls…. well I have been doing that since being a child. I discern people’s souls/ motivations/ issues/ hearts easily over a period of time. It’s proven accurate too many times for me to not accept this ability. I’ve been told to trust it. And I do. Dealing with what I see in people’s souls and their behaviours, has been my challenge. Not ‘personalising’ other people’s issues, has been a huge learning curve I needed. Continue reading