Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

First Father’s Day, where I feel competely okay.

I know there’s healing and progress, when I can get to gone 1pm, before I even think about how Father’s Day is not one I can celebrate with regard to my own father. I’ve always struggled with Mothers/Fathers Day. And rightly so.

I don’t have a father. I never did. And I’m okay with that now.

Had a lovely morning, making hubby feel special, opening gifts, then he spent time playing games, table tennis with our boys. Then we went for a walk at a local wetlands, and it was lovely. Had a picnic. Then stopped for some ice cream. Really lovely family time.

It’s there in my mind, hence this blog… that I am unable to celebrate Father’s Day myself. But, I am okay with this. I know that firstly I have my only needed Father – God, but not having an earthly¬†father who loved me, is not a reflection of me in any way. It is simply a reflection of my mother’s deep and severe issues and the severely unhealthy people she chose to have children with. Which is all about her, and nothing to do with me. Continue reading