Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Apathy. Everywhere.


It’s been a really bad week where I live, for domestic violence. A child murdered. Another nearly murdered. Two women murdered. People are witnessing these deaths. Family’s are suffering. Police and first responders are dealing with all this. Many people traumatised and affected.

What never fails to shock me, is many people’s attitude to this.

Comments like ‘I don’t watch any news anymore’. Comments that show utter contempt for how this news is affecting ‘their’ lives. I mean how dare these victims be murdered and spoil other people’s lives… with this bad news…. How dare these people suffer and die….. and spoil other people’s lives….. Continue reading


Started volunteering at the local Meals On Wheels. It went so well!

Volunteering is important to me. It’s also important I am within an organised, well run, friendly, healthy environment.

So, with the kind help of a friend, I started today. I was showed around, introduced to some of the people there, and they all seemed lovely. The managers were lovely and very friendly ladies and I felt comfortable.

After helping out in the kitchen, my friend and I went out on a delivery run. It went so well. We met some lovely elderly people, and sadly saw some living in filthy conditions. But, I felt at least we were helping them with these meals.

I’m used to seeing all kinds of living conditions, having worked in social housing for 15 years and visiting social housing tenants. You get to see everything in that job. The good, the bad and downright ugly stuff of life. Including elderly people who have varying home and health conditions.

I felt completely comfortable doing this delivery run, chatting a little with the people we visited. It went well and I felt like I was able to be a part of a professional, mature, well run, organised charity that makes a difference in the community for those in need. Continue reading

Thank you Lisa Wilkinson, for speaking up about domestic abuse.


I’ve always known Lisa Wilkinson has a level of maturity I relate to. Her views on 50 Shades of Grey, were 100% spot on.

Domestic violence/domestic abuse, are far greater issue than the threat of terrorism. So many people are being terrorised in their own homes, by family/partners/ex partners every day. And there is nowhere near the outrage required over this. Or the empathy needed.

Most people ignore the domestic abuse/child abuse issue…. but will be outraged over animal cruelty, or the lessor threat of terrorism (lessor compared to deaths caused by DV). Continue reading


Another invitation for public speaking and for a podcast.

I’ve received quite a few invitations to speak publicly at events. To share my story and my healing journey so far. I’ve always turned them down, because I’m not ready and I also have a great fear of public speaking.

I’ve received another kind invitation to speak at an event about domestic violence/abuse survivors and another to be involved in a podcast to share my journey. Both of these invites have indicated they see the positive impact my website, blog etc, have.

Sometimes, I think I should just try one public speaking event to get myself used to it and past the fear barrier. Because it may help people and feel inspiring to hear someone speak about the raw truth. But, with hope in the message. Continue reading