Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I feel sad for Anna Duggar, but still more concerned for her children. The children are voiceless.


I agree with all of the above link. It is an intelligent assessment of the Duggar situation.

I agree with this….

“Although it is easy to judge Anna Duggar for her decision to stand by her man, it’s important to understand the psychology behind this imbalanced relationship. In Anna’s environment, victim-blaming and sexism seem to be just as powerful as the so-called Christian principles she’s following. Often, they go hand-in-hand.”

Victim blaming is rife in church circles and many other religions. I’ve written about that many times. But, this article doesn’t take into account the affect on their children. The increased threat of abuse and sexual abuse to their children. Most articles about the Duggars, don’t highlight the affect on their children. Continue reading

Not all judgment is wrong and it is foolish to believe it is.

There is this belief in society that judging people is always wrong. It’s a shallow depth of thinking. Judging people, without condemning them, can be necessary in a world where so much is done that causes suffering.

Even in the Bible it states righteous judgment is needed.


This link explains how judgment is needed, regardless of what many religious or spiritual people will say.

From the above link..

 Any lazy or biased fool can have opinions; making judgments is the hard work of responsible and compassionate people.”

I would suggest that, in our day and age, we need more—not less—judgment. Modern Americans suffer from a fear of judging. Passing judgment on the behavior of fellow human beings is considered an act of medieval, undemocratic intolerance.

Why? Because, our culture tells us, we are all flawed people, and people with flaws have no right to judge other people’s flaws. Furthermore, modern Americans do not believe that there are objective standards by which to judge. And where there are no standards, there is nothing by which to measure behaviour.” Continue reading

Caught up with a friend I haven’t seen for over a year.

I withdrew from life a year ago and just needed to concentrate entirely on surviving my healing journey. I didn’t want to affect anyone with my journey. I was a mess and knew that.

One of my previous friends, is someone I really enjoy spending time with. She’s down to earth, honest, kind and caring, and I missed her.

So the other day, I sent her message. Not knowing how it would be received and I was delighted that she responded and said how much she missed me. Which was so lovely of her. She thought she had done something wrong, and I explained she absolutely had not done anything wrong at all, my withdrawal was due to me. She also said she had tried to contact me a while ago to see how I was doing.

We arranged to meet up and I bought her some flowers to apologise for my absence and not explaining myself fully before.

My friend was so happy to see me and we had big long hugs and she was delighted with the flowers. She also stated I didn’t need to apologise, she understood why I needed to withdraw. Bless her. Continue reading

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Balance is off….


It’s been a big week for me. A really good one. A really full week, meeting new people, driving to the city. Every day I have had something going on. Which is wonderful and I am thankful, but also a little overwhelming. I realise I should have planned my week with at least one day off, to have some needed alone, quiet time.

So, next week I will plan my week better.

Have a few days where I can relax, get out in the gardens, potter about and just breathe. Continue reading