Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So Abbott didn’t even make it to the next election…. not suprised.

He might have stopped the boats, but he couldn’t stop the votes….

I’ve made it clear in previous blogs what my views on Abbott are.

He is a slime ball and he gives me the creeps. And he has done since before he was PM. I know to trust my instincts and see patterns of behaviours and the real motivations behind them.

It also bothers me greatly when a man like him, pretends to be a Christian and flaunts his religious views, giving a terrible view to a whole country of what a Christian is. He does not, in any way represent true Christians. Many church people yes, but there is a huge difference between being a Christian and being a church person.

He’s a pathological liar and narcissistic. His latest show of racism, in his laughing at Dutton’s racist joke, is a the perfect show of who he truly is.

I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that more than half of his own party wanted him out. More half of the rest of the country want him gone. The only people who don’t, are those as narcissistic, elitist, misogynistic, homophobic and racist as he is. Continue reading


I’m no longer an idealist, not a pessimist or an optimist…. I am a realist.

My search and need for truth and rational thinking…. has led me down paths of idealism, pessimism, optimism and eventually to realism.

All the other three, have levels of distorted thinking, I can no longer accept, or tolerate. The other three, are often simply ways of coping, without dealing with reality. Reality is not pleasant in many ways, and people don’t like to accept it… about self, or others.

People often assume realists are pessimists. Usually the eternally optimistic, ever positive types ….. who avoid reality, to keep their lives comfortable.

I see the pitfalls in being positive all the time. It becomes a way to view the world through rose coloured glasses. Minimize suffering. Avoid…. the list of cognitive distortions goes on.

Pessimism, well that is simply more cognitive distortions.

Being a realist, is about having the courage, integrity and clear thinking required to deal with reality. Without the need to self soothe with distorted thinking to self serve and comfort self. Without the irrational belief that everything will be okay as long as I keep being positive. No, not everything will be okay. That’s reality. Continue reading


Back into baking and craft … and a more normal life.

Before becoming very ill a few years back, I enjoyed baking for my family and lots of different craft, sewing etc. When I become ill, surviving was my greatest need each day and getting through to the end of the day alive.

I’ve had spurts of doing some craft along the way over the last few years, but nothing sustained, or regular. And baking pretty much became an occasional activity. That’s okay, I had severe and serious trauma issues to be dealing with. Severe grieving and emotional pain, is debilitating.

Over the last few months, however, I have been mindful of wanting to start baking again and steering my family back towards a healthier diet. Today, I am going out to purchase baking items I need to get back into the swing.

I’ll take it slowly as I know not to overwhelm myself with anything. I will concentrate on baking healthy savoury muffins, healthy oat slices, healthy banana bread etc, that can be used for lunchboxes, my husbands work lunches, and as afternoon snacks. Plus I’d like to make some extras that my husband can take into work for all his cop friends, to help support them. Continue reading