Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

First world problems….

I’ve been to two third world countries and I am thankful for the experience of seeing how poor people really live. It is something everyone should do, early on in life. Maybe it would make a difference in how consumed people get with their ‘1st world ‘problems’.

I’ve seen people living in shacks. Living with no running water etc. It is something that has stayed with me and I have not forgotten.

I’m not referring to issues in life like abuse, child abuse and their effects. They are problems experienced throughout the world.

I’m referring to 1st world problems like complaining about internet speed, needing the latest iPhone and all manner of shallow materialistic and consumerism issues. Plus issues relating to image, vanity, size of house, car, bank balance, career…. the list is endless.

Something I noticed when speaking with people living in 3rd world countries, is how they often seem happier, more content, more grateful for any kind of help. They often have more kindness in their hearts, than many in the 1st world.

I truly believe the more most people have, the more destructive it is to the heart and soul. It plays into ego, vanity, greed, pride etc. It pushes people to tap into their dark needs/sides and yet is justified continually. Continue reading

Crying listening to Amazing Grace, while watching I Am Cait.

I’ve been watching the reality show ‘I Am Cait’, because I wanted to educate myself on the transgender community. To me education is required, otherwise opinions are just often ignorance and prejudice. As I see everywhere. I choose not to be ignorant. I choose to be educated.

I’ve enjoyed and found the series fascinating, and mostly due to the other transgender women and their stories.

The last episode had the song Amazing Grace at Caitlin’s name change service, led by a Christian women pastor.

Amazing Grace has been a highly emotional song for me, for decades. I cried listening to it again today.

Being transgender does not make someone a bad person, or weird, or a freak as they are often seen as. These women and men were lost and now they feel found in what they truly believe is their authentic selves. I am so deeply happy for them. I am glad they found themselves and have each other.

There is so much ignorance, stigma and prejudice about the transgender community. And all wrongly so. And I know God loves these souls, just in the same way as He loves me, my family and everyone else. Continue reading

Received a lovely offer of coaching for public speaking skills.

Having received an invitation recently to participate in a podcast, I responded and explained I have a fear of any type of public speaking, recording etc. (As a truly introverted person, who intensely dislikes having groups of people focussed on me, it is something very anxiety raising. I don’t like being in the spotlight).

This conversation led to a very kind offer of online coaching to overcome this. Some people can be so very kind.

I realise my work could easily progress to public speaking and similar avenues and I know the invitations I have received show professionals and advocates believe in me and my journey. Continue reading