Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Taking some baby items, to domestic violence survivors.

I saw a post to a local social media page ‘pay it forward’, where a woman was asking to be considered for a cot. She stated she is a DV survivor, has fled the abuse and set up home by herself, but has virtually nothing. And is 19 weeks pregnant and has a young child.

I have a lovely bassinet and change table, so I messaged her and offered her these. She messaged me back profusely thanking me for the offer, stating her friend is also a DV survivor and has a baby. She seemed very surprised by the kindness being offered to her.

I’m delivering them tomorrow, with my husband – as I don’t know these people. I can be compassionate….. and careful. Continue reading

Love people with integrity to decent virtues, good character and compassion.


Sadly where I live, racism and homophobia are commonly and overtly displayed, by too many people. It never fails to shock me. Their lack of insight into their views and how distorted they are, is the saddest part. And how people can be so cruel, so willing to hurt others. And hurt people who are not by default ‘bad’ ‘unworthy’ – just because they are gay, non white, a different religion, are asylum seekers …. etc.

There is a sense of entitlement pervading many in Australia, that just because someone is born in a safe country, they ‘deserve’ to be there and others don’t. And that sense of entitlement, is narcissism.

I was born in Australia, and I don’t believe I deserve to be here and receive all Australia’s privileges, more than asylum seekers who are fleeing war torn/unsafe countries.

But then I am not narcissistic. I see people as human beings. I see their children and all their trauma and my heart hurts for them. Continue reading

I live in a society quick to justify harmful, wrong, illegal behaviour…. and increasingly hate the police.

I live in a society, where illegal behaviour like regular illegal drug use, abuse, domestic violence… are all justified and if you say anything to state an opinion on this ….. you are labelled ‘judgmental’.

I also live in a society where generalising negatively about the police, has become a sport. Yes there are rogue cops and they need to be fully dealt with. But, they are not a reflection of all police. But those who want to see it that way, will.

I have conversations with people and they condone and justify illegal drug use – like it’s a normal part of life. It isn’t. It is illegal and part of being a decent human being, is being a law abiding citizen. That has become lost within the myriad of increasingly wrong behaviours condoned in society.

Yes, there may be reasons people take drugs, but that doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t make someone ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ as some may assume from me voicing this. But, it’s not okay. It’s criminal activity, that enables and encourages further harmful and criminal activity. Continue reading