Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

“I don’t need to be like anybody else” Roebeck

I love this toon. I never was your average person. Always defined by everyone else as ‘different’ – kooky, quirky, weird, intense etc.

And I know I am different. I accept that. I also accept I am not loved for who I am. Except for Jesus and my children. They love me for who I am.

And I cannot be anyone, except who I am. I’m a good person. Just different to average.


When you feel like a fool, for being fooled, remember where the responsibility lies.

Being honest, is something very hard for many people. When lied to, duped, fooled by someone you wanted to trust – someone you should have been able and expect to trust… it’s not being a fool. It’s being a normal human being.

I forget this sometimes, and revert to feeling like an idiot, for trusting people. However, wanting to trust people and expect good from people, is not wrong. But, when someone is dishonest – repeatedly – that is always ‘their’ issue.

I need to remember this. It’s so easy for me to self blame and shift the blame of other people’s issues, to myself. Lifetime habits, are hard to completely break. Continue reading

Soothes the soul…

The good part about my husband doing shift work, is during the school holidays, he is able to spend more time with our children during the day. Shift work means I spend a lot of time on my own, which I like, but my children often see more of their dad. Today, he is starting work at 2pm, so we were able to have a morning out, at one of our favourite places.

Our children had lots of fun. My 6 year old, delightfully decided it was a ‘huge adventure’ – where we crossed the great rocks, passed through the desert (sand), over the adventure playground and back to the treasure – the car. He really is a delightful little boy and I am so blessed with my children.

I also needed to get out of the house and out of my head. Grieving is always hard Continue reading