Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

My website info is being used by mental health professionals, to help those with Complex PTSD.

I realise my Website being as popular as it is by the stats, is helping a lot of people.

My Website is http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/

I forget sometimes, how many professionals use my info and how that helps even more people.

Jane Plattner is a mental health professional, working with clients with PTSD and has used by Website info for her website.


I have contacted Jane, to thankful her for linking my website address and to ask her for a review/feedback of my website, as she has found the info so useful in adding it to hers.


Sometimes, I wonder if I just simply expect too much…

expect too much

Sometimes I wonder if I expect others who are important in my life, to have the same standards I set myself. To think with the same depth as myself and to be honest. I do allow people to mess up and I do forgive them. I know I mess up too. But I struggle with it being repeated harm, in particular dishonesty, lies etc.

But, I have also worked really hard on not being someone who has toxic people in my life, as has happened already so much throughout my life. I know that not allowing myself to be mistreated now, is my responsibility. I know I’ve ignored so many red flags repeatedly in the past and stayed within relationships and situations far longer than was healthy. And with really harmful results. Continue reading


It’s okay to miss people.


miss you 2

I miss people I can’t have in my life anymore. Even some that have really hurt me. I want to not miss them, but I do.

I know this is normal and that no matter the reason for someone not being in your life anymore, if they meant a lot to you, then missing them happens. And it hurts.

It’s sad when relationships of any kind end, due to harm caused, if it’s repeated or ongoing harm, or things that cannot be tolerated any longer. It’s so sad that people hurt each other Continue reading


The kindness of strangers, was sometimes all I had.

kindness strangers

I’ve sometimes received more kindness from strangers in my life, than from those known/close to me. In fact, there are times in my life where the kindness of strangers, is all the kindness I received.

I always smile at strangers. I may be the only person who smiles at them that day. And I know how that feels. I sometimes strike up conversations with strangers, depending on whether it feels safe.

I believe in helping strangers, not just those close to you. It’s why I volunteer and donate. I’ve donated all my adult life to charities, even when I couldn’t really afford to. I give things away to strangers, because they need help and may not have help or love anywhere else. I know how that feels. I help people online, even though I have no idea who they are.

I think when you’ve been someone who has known true absolute aloneness, known a horrific long term abusive captivity situation, where you have no connection to anyone except an abuser, you learn what true aloneness is. You understand the value of a smile and passing hello from a stranger.  Continue reading

Compassion, is a verb…


Connecting with several domestic violence & homelessness charities/organisations, to provide my part in helping share with people in so much need. Donating non perishable items I purchase weekly.

I realise this, plus volunteering, answering emails for people reaching out who have suffered abuse, is enough. And I keep in mind much needed balance in my life too.

I understand the need for community. I understand helping others because ‘they’ need help – not for my own needs. I understand empathy for people enduring what I have not personally endured.

I understand modelling all this for my children and including them in conversation about this, to an age appropriate level. Continue reading