Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I am not afraid to speak my mind to those who consider themselves a ‘guru’ type.

I see plenty of people, with large followings, who consider themselves so wise and believe their outer ‘success’ proves that. Well, I have learned – often those with the biggest followings, outer success, have the least wisdom and simply have huge egos.

Many guru types fall into this trap and many outer success people, who consider their success is something to then tell everyone else, they ‘should’ have. The message, you are not good enough, if you are not like them. Shaming.

‘Success’ is a big society issue and I see many who are financially successful, and social media successful etc, and yet have little wisdom or character traits I value. In fact, many successful people are simply self serving pretty ruthless people, who will do whatever it takes, to be a success. And those with these issues, love to flaunt that and covertly shame others in the process.

I occasionally challenge such people, I did today. A woman who deems herself a huge success, has a following of over a million on Facebook, has sold a few books. She claims to have been cured of a whole range of chronic illness. No proof of ever having had them, I might add. I challenged her need to shame others, her comparing people and raising up her success/healing as the benchmark for all. The response was typical and what I expected. Assumptions (not questions) made about me and what I may or may not have achieved in life. Continue reading


The narcissist and feigning innocence, acting dumb….

Narcissists employ a whole range of deceptive tactics. Feigning innocence, is one of many.

They will intentionally do wrong in a covert and manipulative manner, and then ask ‘have I done something wrong?’. They know exactly what they have done wrong… but will act like they have done nothing. And then if you confront them, they will lie, deny and tell you – you are the problem. It becomes gas lighting.

When I know I am dealing with narcissistic people (which I am and I have blocked her from my social media), I can read them like a book. Having lived with narcissistic people throughout my childhood and having to learn all their tactics to survive, I am vigilant and adept at seeing them in action.

Strong boundaries are always needed, because highly narcissistic people, do not change. They are dishonest and selfish to their core. I do not play along with their games. Continue reading

I don’t care who apologises first… just apologise. And mean it.

I’ve always been someone who can apologise for anything I do that is wrong, inappropriate. I don’t consider giving an apology based upon the actions of others if they have also done wrong. Or whether they should apologise first.

I just do what I know I need to do, regardless of the actions of others.

This belief/quote that “The first to apologise is the bravest, the first to forgive is the…..” blah blah blah…. is BS. That’s just raising up ego and having a need to be ‘better’.

If you apologise first, great. If the other person apologises first, great. It’s not a competition. The only need, is that both apologise. And it be genuine. With appropriate remorse. With honesty. And the heart wanting to put it right. And if the other person doesn’t, or gives a fake Continue reading