Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Several of these ‘top mental health therapists’ follow my work, and one gave me an award.


This list is one provided by PsychCentral – for those interested in mental health, to follow. Several on this list follow me and support my work.

One – David Susman – even gave me an award – as one of 11 chosen out of over 300 mental health advocates. I was surprised, but so very thankful.

No matter what is happening – I should hold on to knowing, top mental health professionals follow, share, encourage, support what I do. That is something to have some level of contentment and validation of my work, my mind and my insight.

I am no expert, but I do have something to contribute and offer.

Convo with David on Twitter today 🙂 Such a lovely man.

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People who make every conversation ‘all about me’.


I see this frequently. In fact, virtually every conversation I have with people (other than my friends), is always all about them and rarely do I get asked how I am doing. Even my husband has noticed this. He agrees that I always ask people how they are doing, how their week is going etc and I genuinely want to know how they are …. and mostly people do not ask back.

Even when something serious happens, a death in the family, some people can make it about them, instead of just focussing on the person grieving.

The levels of selfishness I see in many people, are huge. It’s really tiring and makes me lose interest in people. Continue reading