Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Another blog shared by a mental health professional, as a main feature!

I am so thankful for all the support I receive from mental health professionals, all around the world. It still always comes as a surprise and I am so grateful.

Another blog today, was shared as a main feature.

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Preventing child abuse and neglect, is a moral and economic imperative – Tonette Walker


I agree.

Pretending child abuse and neglect doesn’t exist, minimizing it, avoiding it, denying it, excusing it……. is not helping in any way.

People can harp on about compassion for abusive people, and forget the greater compassion needed for the child victims and keep perpetuating abuse in the process. Choose to believe they don’t intend to harm children, but that does not help children being abused and the physical and mental health lifelong issues it creates.

I am over people making excuses for those who intentionally abuse children. Continue reading

Twitter reminds me of all the many organisations helping abuse survivors.

helping hands

Twitter reminds me of all the organisations and charities helping so many survivors of abuse and trauma.

It reminds me of the wonderful and compassionate people helping so many and the tireless and needed work all done collectively in this world to help abuse survivors, and especially child abuse survivors.

I am so thankful for them all, and each and every person involved!! Continue reading

Deeply thankful to be also helping people I care about, dealing with Complex Trauma.


Throughout the last 3 years, I have been able to help people all around the world, through my Website, this blog and social media accounts. I’ve also been able to help those close to me, people I personally know, and care about.

My knowledge and insight into trauma and it’s affects and of the people who cause the trauma, has helped numerous people in my life.

I felt so very blessed to be able to help another friend with a book recommendation – Pete Walker, a book I have heavily promoted and has helped so many. It is first on my list of book recommendations on my website, because it is so valuable to complex trauma survivors. Continue reading


Not ‘needing’ people, is an unusual place to be at.

My capacity for being alone, for completely looking after myself with no help from others, to not rely on, or need people emotionally, has given me such depths of resilience and independence. I used to hate being alone, now I cherish it.

I do need people on a practical level for some things, but even then my capacity for taking care of myself physically and the levels of resourcefulness I have needed throughout my life…. are pretty deep.

I see people who are needy for others, a lot. And I’m not saying that is wrong at all, but different to myself.

I do have connections to people, people I care about and choose to spend time with, for various reasons. But I don’t need people. I help people, but rarely receive anything back that is needed and meaningful for me and who I am.

My first counsellor said to me “you will always be someone who can give so much more than you will receive back”. She was right. She is wise woman. Continue reading

There is no humility, without honesty about self.

I see big egos everywhere. Egos are not humility and therefore, are not wise.

If a person has little self insight, little capacity to be honest about self, little self awareness, then I will see a lack of wisdom, a lack of humility.

Humble people know their own issues and everyone has them. But knowing them and being honest about them, is not common. Continue reading