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Apparently I am a ‘Rainbow Christian’ – and I am absolutely okay with that.

Apparently, I am a rainbow Christian, because I support LGBTIQ Christians and non Christians and don’t abuse them with twisted and out of context OT verses.

I am absolutely okay with being labelled a rainbow Christian, even though I know it’s meant in a mocking manner.

rainbow christian

If having compassion and empathy for people who are good people and should not be abused and condemned for their sexual orientation or gender issues, then I am glad to be labelled.

I don’t judge people based on their sexual orientation etc. I judge people’s actions, heart and motivations. I learned straight, white, intelligent people, and church people, can be some of the most abusive people of all and too many church people use God to abuse people. This never sits well with my soul.

I will take the labels I get given – rainbow Christian, bleeding heart, soft leftie, plus all the other labels have been given in my life – quirky, kooky, weird, different – and wear them well, Continue reading