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Mental As Week – so good to see so many involved!


So good to see all the people stepping up and being involved in #MentalAs Week.

Really good to see the (Australian) ABC network involved so heavily, as well as many organisations, celebrities and advocates and charities.

I was so thankful to have a comment I made to Australian Story (Broadcast on ABC network), shared.

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So many people collectively participating in raising awareness, reducing stigma and providing education. Continue reading

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I have been asked a few times if I get paid to do my work. No, I don’t.

When I tell people I run a website, blog, social media etc, I get asked if I get paid for this. And asked why I bother, if it doesn’t earn me an income. No, I don’t get paid, at all. And I don’t do it for money. I do it because it’s needed, even though it can be unpleasant, emotional and challenging.

Like many out there who volunteer and work unpaid, I do it because people need help. People are struggling, need support, need education, need someone out there providing info that shows they ‘get it’, need compassion. I only aim to help with this in the small way I can. We can only make little ripples, only help a few or even one at a time, and that is all that is needed. Continue reading