Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Taking a break from my personal Facebook.

blogging break

I stopped using Facebook for quite a while, for various reasons and I enjoyed the long break. I started using it again a few months ago, only for personal friends and those currently in my life.

But, I feel a little break is needed, for several reasons. Which are not needed to be hashed out. We all need to do what’s best for our lives and I have learned that is necessary for me too. My friends will keep in contact by other means.

Social media, is a not an imperative need in life. Not mine, anyway. Not in my personal life. I want to live in real life.

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Always loved Snoopy & did not realise the depths behind this lovable fiction cartoon dog.

Since being a child, I’ve always loved Snoopy and read the Peanuts cartoon strip. In fact, I posted a Snoopy quote only the other day, in this blog.


I mentioned this in counselling and my counsellor stated something about the writer of Snoopy. So today, this popped into my head, and I did some research. Well, there is a can of worms…

Charles Schulz had a complicated life and was also a non church going Christian, like me. He wanted the deeper meaning in Bible verses and was clearly a deep and complex thinking man.


I would like to read a biography and know some more. Deep thinking people, interest me. Especially when they express humanity, how people think and interact with each other and human behaviour, in such creative ways. Continue reading

Emailed QMHD, for information regarding a mental health grant.

I am aware the Queensland Mental Health Commission, award grants for work in mental health and for help such as the costs of publishing a book to reach out as advocacy and peer support.

I’m aware the success of this blog and my website and the encouragement I receive from mental health professionals to publish my book, is a testimony to the support I have. My counsellor is also supportive of my book being published.

I have someone I respect willing to help me with writing services, and publishing and there will be costs relating to the whole process.

So, we will see if an application for a grant would be possible. Continue reading

The only way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.

avoid criticism

People who have a voice and use it for good, often attract criticism, put downs and negativity. Especially when it taps into the conscience of people, or it’s about unhealthy behaviours and attitudes/thinking.

Learning to ignore criticism from anyone not significant in my life and anyone who does not know me well, has been a part of my journey. Social media, in particular can be used for good, but also it promotes such unhealthy behaviours. People with issues and/or darkness within, become ‘oh so brave’ behind a keyboard.

I’ve learned to ignore most of this.

I’ve learned to understand there will be people who do not like someone; making an effort, speaking up, having much support from professionals etc. There will be those, who do not like hearing something that triggers their own pain, or they deem to be critical of their own thinking/views. I see all the many cognitive distortions and cognitive biases, people can have. I have compassion for this, but also manage reactions received. It doesn’t excuse abuse.

Being someone who speaks up – but in a compassionate and more balanced way, speaking up for those abused and harmed and the many wrongs humanity inflicts upon each other, speaking up for injustice and social justice, speaking up for the marginalised, the ignored, against victim blaming, against mental health being used as an ‘excuse’ to abuse etc…. will always attract unreasonable people responding – in unreasonable ways.

The fact remains, this is their issues. Not mine. Not ‘personalising’ their issues, has been a learning curve and one I am thankful to have faced.

I don’t lose sleep over the opinions of those with unhealthy, toxic, ignorant or self serving only views and opinions. Or those who follow along with unwise society issues.

I am very careful whom I seek advice. There are few people I choose to listen to, in particular advice and opinions, criticism and views. I realise the motivations of many, are not actually anything to do with other people’s needs, it is only their own. Continue reading

Attending a public demonstration/rally, against domestic violence this week.

There is a big demonstration/rally being held in Brisbane, QLD, this week, which I am attending. It’s a peaceful demonstration and speakers and politicians will be present. The state premier will be there.

I’m attending to show my support. I’m taking my husband (cop) and children too. I model pro-active compassion and being an active voice, showing support to those in need. My children will know why we are there, to an age appropriate level. Continue reading