Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


WHO stated severe PTSD – equivalent of being a paraplegic. Severe Depression – quadriplegic. Both…

While watching Australian Q&A this week, about mental illness, the following was stated in response to why mental illness is not considered as debilitating as physical illness….

WHO – World Health Organisation have stated…

Having severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is the equivalent of being paraplegic, and..

Having severe Depression, is the equivalent of being quadriplegic…

In terms of debilitating impact on life.

My thoughts go further, in stating Complex PTSD  – which is more debilitating than uncomplicated PTSD – there will be even further impact.

And for those who have these combined with severe depression, the impact can be even greater.

It is good to see mental illness being talked with much compassion, in a rational manner, where people are stepping up and confirming mental illness, is real and equivalent to physical illness, despite many people in society being unable or unwilling to accept this. Continue reading

Current reading.. Eckhart Tolle and Idiocracy: The doctrine and impact of a “great spiritual master”


I love reading intelligent appraisals of ‘New Age’ doctrine and how cult-like it is. I see the New Age spirituality ‘masters’ and ‘gurus’ and I see straight through much of their motivations, egos and issues. I don’t believe they all intentionally harm others, they are just highly self deluded and delude others. It’s easily done. Sadly.

But, I was on a spiritual journey in my late 20’s and progressed through any new age lies (now with psychology understanding), so I just hope others do the same.

So much new age thinking/doctrine, is purely based on magical thinking Continue reading

My 6 year old has an imaginary friend, so I researched it :)

I was aware pre-schoolers have imaginary friends and that is absolutely normal. But when my 6 year old started talking about ‘Sidney’ – I decided to research if this was okay. Child psychology fascinates me, as well as adult psychology.

Apparently, school aged children with imaginary friends can be more in-tune with emotional needs and connected emotionally to their parents. I’m aware my 6 year old, is an old soul type, a deep thinker and mature for his age, as has been noted by his teachers. He was recently given another ‘excellence in behaviour’ award.

We’ve had lots of talks about Sidney, and I always validate Sidney exists and ask questions. I know what he what looks like (he eyes just like me my son explained) and he is a ‘sensible’ friend. I giggled when my son said Sidney was his sensible friend, because his friends in school were not sensible. They are silly.

I hear him chatting to Sidney, when he is playing Continue reading


Might start a diploma in counselling in February.

I’ve just found out you can apply for VET Fee help for diploma courses, not just degrees. I need to wait until Feb 2017, to start an on campus degree Uni course, for various reasons.

So, a counselling diploma in the gap next year, would be useful and helpful and keep me busy 🙂

So contacting ACAP about the VET Fee help part, just to make sure I would be eligible. I’m itching to start studying and this may be a great route, a diploma, prior to the degree in either counselling or psychology – whichever I decide upon.

Emailed for info.

Update, I’ve already checked and I am eligible for the VET FEE help, so I’m applying for the course, to commence Feb 2016.

After that, I will start a 3 year Bachelor of Psychology/Social Sciences/Counselling (not sure which yet), Continue reading