Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

It is always a blessing to have people speak of my courage & being real.

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To have people confirm my thoughts/writing are courageous and are a ‘breath of fresh air’ and validating I ‘keep it real’, are a blessing.

I have heard this many times now, including from my counsellor. She confirmed my honesty, depth of thinking, capacity to self reflect etc, are “a breath of fresh air.” And rare.

I realise it is unusual to challenge current popular thinking, when there is a need to see it in a deeper, bigger picture, far more rational way.

I do challenge people, including esteemed mental health professionals. Not to be controversial – because Continue reading

The First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face ~ Roberta Flack

The first 5 lines of this song, are for my children. I always think of them, and my deep love for them. And I will love them, until the end of time.

The rest of the song, with regard to a partner, I have no idea what that feels like. I’ve never had a relationship with a healthy man. And I’ve accepted I won’t. I’m married. And if I am ever not married, I doubt I will have another relationship with a man. There are some wounds too deep. I’ve accepted that too.

This song reduces me to tears, every time I listen to it.

I love Roberta Flack. The emotion in her voice, is incredible. Her talent is incredible.


The first time, ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars
Were the gifts you gave
To the dark, and the endless skies Continue reading

I have deep concen about young girls being sexualised. Because I care.

I’m blogging this right now, because I want to say something to someone I know and I can’t. It’s not my job to point out how a mother is sexualising her daughter and how unhealthy that is for her daughter, and society.

A school mother I know, has her 6 year old daughter in dance classes. And the usual issues of applying a load of makeup and having adult hairstyles, is how they need to look for competitions. I’ve just seen these photos being shared on Facebook for all to see and potentially get shared by God knows who. The photos are awful. Face full of makeup, hair glamorised, skimpy/revealing clothing. I really feel for her.

Six years old and being told she needs to wear makeup, to look ‘good enough’ to win a competition. God, it makes me feel nauseous.

Six year olds do not need to be wearing makeup and looking like an adult, for any reason.

(And yes, they do experiment as children, with adult clothing dress ups etc, but this should only be in the privacy of home. And I still believe 6, is far too young for makeup and should still not be skimpy, revealing, provocative type clothing).

I’m glad I’ve done my research to know I am right about how unhealthy this all is. Continue reading

The ego, is a pesky critter, that prevents learning, growth, maturity.

I see so clearly how many people are unteachable and have egos that need to be protected at all costs. They cannot face being ‘wrong’ and as such do not learn, grow or mature, until they face this issue.

Most adults think they know it all and whatever they are thinking, however they are behaving, must be okay. Little self reflection, little self honesty, little humility.

And this is why I feel like I am often with children/teenagers, in adult bodies. And that ego state, continues on, throughout adulthood for many people. I also see a lot of hurt inner children, walking around in adult bodies. Acting in bizarre ways, that reflect their inner pain, they often then project onto others. Continue reading