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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


“The woman who made us think” Surprising words in counselling today.

There is a lot I could write about my counselling session today. So much confirmation of my deeper capacity to think, discernment, ability to process human behaviours, empathy capacity and how all that helps professionals, including my counsellor, be better at their jobs.

I could write tonnes about this. But, this in particular was pretty significant. My counsellor stated maybe my title for my book could be ‘the woman who made us think’. And it was said in a genuine way. The ‘us’ referring to mental health professionals/clinicians, as well as others.

I do realise, this is my ‘thing’ – helping people to think. Thinking deeply, having lived experience turned into wisdom Continue reading


I’ve come to understand why some people can fail to have normal reactions/responses.

I am a very discerning person, having learned since being a child, to pick up on weird, potentially harmful behaviours. I have always been able to pick up on issues within people’s behaviours and attitudes, that are not healthy, not ‘normal’, in some way.

When people don’t display normal reactions to vile, disgusting, perverted behaviours/abuse, this raises as a red flag to me. I see not having normal reactions to what is clearly very abnormal behaviour that causes suffering in innocent people, is disordered in itself.

Being normal, is when people are genuine and therefore, safer.

It is not normal when people have non emotional, clinical reactions and thinking about disgusting vile people e.g those who enjoy sexually abusing children. And I will pick up on that disordered mindset, and that immediately flags to me, as someone not to be trusted, someone who is not safe.

People who minimize the suffering caused by severe and vile behaviours/people, are disordered in their thinking. People who make excuses for the people who cause suffering, are disordered in their thinking.

People can choose to believe they have empathy for vile people, as a coping strategy, and then project that onto others, sometimes feeling superior to others, which is also disordered thinking. And abusive in some circumstances.

People who criticise others, for having normal reactions of disgust and revulsion, about e.g. child sexual abuse, are also disordered and are simply projecting their own non human/non normal behaviours, onto others.

“It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to

a profoundly sick society”

“It is no measure of emotional health, to be

well adjusted to sick perverted people,

who cause deep suffering intentionally”

It is all about self. It’s not in fact about other people at all. No matter what spin people put on it to rationalise their own behaviours.

I’ve seen this happen, where a mental health professional, criticised a well known child protection advocate for having normal human being reactions, about vile paedophiles/child sex offenders. The reaction and disgust, is in fact normal. Continue reading


It’s a great morning, when your first messages, are amazing support from another pyschologist!

I have a lot of support from professionals in the trauma and PTSD field, and I am always so deeply thankful!

I logged on this morning and these were the first messages I read 🙂

Dr Fee, is a psychologist and deals specifically with anxiety and trauma related issues.

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