Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Trust no-one.

I don’t know the point in asking people you already know you can’t trust, for the truth. There is no point. It’s simply provoking more lies and dishonesty, you know is coming. It’s like an act of self harm.

I think the truly bizarre part, is me expecting anything from anyone. When my life has repeatedly shown me people lie, cover their arses and do what is best for themselves, at the expense of others. And when they have actually stated that is what they believe everyone will do when the shit hits the fan, why would I even assume they are to be trusted. Continue reading

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Takes courage to deal with cognitive distortions. New website info.

I realise the courage and self honesty it takes to acknowledge and deal with one’s own cognitively distorted thinking, is not common. Which is sad, because cognitive distortions, are very common.

Most people, I realise, will not be receptive to this info. But, for the those it will be embraced by, I am thankful if it helps.

If people are unwilling to embrace learning about cognitive distortions, I accept that and realise you can only help those willing to help themselves.

It is interesting how I pick up on highly experienced mental health professionals and clinicians, having distorted thinking Continue reading