Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Betrayal, is a huge trigger. But, dealing with it okay.

I am someone who is always reflecting, always looking at what I can learn, what needs to change, how I can grow, become more resilient. And I’ve made a lot of progress.

This last week, has not been good. I am very aware life continues to throw curve balls – and that does not stop, just because you are trying to heal stuff from the past. I’m a realist. Life is not all good. It has good, bad and ugly.

So, I’ve considered why a potential issue has thrown me so badly. And I do realise it is only a potential issue and one with many different possible explanations. And I knew this, and as such, made the choice to ask questions, calmly.

So why has a potential explanation/behaviour of someone else, floored me?

I realise it is one of the biggest triggers – betrayal.


So, I will use this situation, to figure out how I can cope better Continue reading

I need to start writing posts in the format of “10 Ways to….. “

I take notice of the format popular writers choose and are easy to read. Popular posts, seem to be the ones that start with e.g. “10 Ways to …..”. Or “5 Things To Know About…..”,  “8 Things I Learned About….”

So, I am going to start writing posts in this way more, so they are easier to read.

So when discussing e.g. different ways to help manage symptoms, I can list them, with one of those titles such as “10 Ways To Help Manage Emotional Flashbacks”.

These can then be added to my Website and will hopefully be a clear way to help more people, specifically with Complex PTSD, PTSD, anxiety, mental health, grieving etc. Continue reading