Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Spending time with mature, easy going people, feels great :)

Whilst I crave deep connections with people, I am also really enjoying the time I am spending with mature, friendly, uncomplicated, easy going women.

I’ve been walking with two women who are older than myself, a couple of times a week. They chat about their lives, but in an easy going, light hearted, kind, mature, mellow and humorous way. They talk about their lives, but there’s no drama. They like a giggle and can have a giggle about themselves too. I like that. Today, we went to a little café after the walk and had a cup of tea and a chat. It was really nice 🙂

I realise I am wanting light hearted, easy going, mature people in my life. Continue reading

Glad to see a healthier Christian ‘middle ground’ view, about Halloween.

My faith, is a part of my journey, And whilst I don’t force my faith on others and I help people regardless of their faith choices, or lack of…. Christian faith for me is vital.

As a Christian and a person who instinctively knows ‘dark stuff’ is not okay, I find Halloween yuck. And always have done. I’m not in to witchcraft, vampires, zombies, dead bodies etc. Or many of the other things celebrated for Halloween. I find it hard to deal with dark stuff that people seem to delight in. I’ve always been personally mildly repulsed by it.

But, I also see the fundamentalist church people’s view, is too far on one end of the continuum, and then celebrating it and delighting in dark stuff, is too far at the other continuum end. The polar ends of continuums, are often where all the cognitive distortion issues lie. I see that playing out all too often. Including in church people’s views.

So, to see a middle ground Christian approach to this, is good. I always know for many issues in life, the middle ground is where the healthy mindset lies.

I do allow my teenager to go trick or treating, Continue reading