Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Fundamentalism, summed up perfectly…

“And fundamentalism I would say, is very unsophisticated about the bible, despite their allegiance to it. Fundamentalists treat the bible as – in Karen Armstrong’s memorable words – as a kind of “holy encyclopaedia in which you can look up information about God”. – Marcus Borg (being interviewed by Stephen Crittenden).

I see this so clearly. And the sad part is, they pride themselves of their unsophisticated beliefs and lack of insight. And therefore, not knowing the truth and who Jesus really is.

I have come to realise, fundamentalism, in any form, including Christian religion, is simply poor mental health. So much brainwashing involved. There are so many cognitive distortions/irrational thinking, and often ego issues within the mindsets of those who choose fundamentalist views.


I am always thankful, when I read the work of Christian theologians, who have the level of depth Continue reading

Church went well. Far more than I anticipated.

I don’t believe in many things being a coincidence. I believe fully in God’s pure love and power. Beyond anything I can comprehend.

Church today…. went really well. Friendly people. When we got there, the fellowship tea, coffee etc was happening and they have that between the end of the first service and the second more family friendly service. A few older people came and chatted with me, very friendly. I like older people.

Found out about the teenage youth group and a little about some of the people running that. One being a music teacher of a local high school. Spoke with another woman who is a youth leader, she seemed really nice. So we’ll rock up on Saturday, and drop my son off. My son is also into music and wanting to learn to play the guitar, so knowing a music teacher, is good. He is happy to be going there on Saturday.

During the very relaxed, easy going service – the Reverend spoke of N.T.Wright – who happens to be one of my favourite Christian authors/theologians, and knows 1st Century and historical context and it’s importance. The Reverend’s husband, is a big N/T/Wright fan too as he expressed to me. That was re-assuring for me to hear.

During the service, they talked about how they are welcoming and supporting two Syrian refugee families Continue reading

My mind & body are subconsciously thinking WTF! But, emotionally, I am quite calm.

Emotionally, I am pretty calm this morning. Despite my concerns about potentially walking into what could be anything from a nice, relatively healthy environment…….. right through the church continuum….. to the equivalent of being a lions den.

I don’t view churches or church people, through ‘rose coloured’ glasses and pretend they are all okay. As most church people like to. They are not all okay. I am a realist. And have considerable research and insight. And experience.

But, I am holding onto knowing, there are some out there, that are generally healthy. And whilst none will be perfect, some will have more good stuff, than not good stuff.

So, I’m pretty calm. Emotionally.

My body, however, is reacting differently. As is the issue with Continue reading