Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

‘Unconditional love’ – is not wise at all. As per a Christian doctor/counsellor.

Good to discuss this today in counselling and it confirmed, this is indeed very unwise. BS, in fact. I’ve always known this and know this BS spouted about unconditional love, is often abused for harm.

There is a lot love does not tolerate, condone, or ignore.

People’s behaviour and motivations, matter.

Continually unhealthy, toxic, selfish, harmful behaviours – should not be tolerated. And people need to be accountable and responsible for their behaviours. Continue reading

Good to ask a professional.

I am thankful I can have conversations about human behaviour, with a professional. Especially one who has dealt with personality disordered people in her own personal life, as well as professionally. So understands the traits, well.

So good to explain all the witnessed behaviours, patterns etc of a person and then be able to ask ‘so is that typical aspergers behaviour, or narcissism behaviour?’ And be told it is narcissism, and not typical of aspergers, at all. I am not someone able to diagnose disorders, but I will take advice from someone who can.

It was also confirmed, that empathic people like me, will always be targeted by narcissistic personality disordered people. They sense empathic people and want them to become their ‘special’ friend, who they can emotionally consume and use. When you don’t fulfil their unhealthy demands, or you put in place healthy boundaries, they discard you and set about trying to split up friendships, called splitting.

Good to know this happens repeatedly to empathic people, simply because of their empathy. It has happened to my counsellor too.

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When you realise you’ve been lied to about child abuse, that is not okay.

People don’t get convicted of child abuse, unless there is sufficient evidence. When someone’s own solicitor says to a client to plead guilty of a lessor charge – to avoid prison, there clearly is sufficient evidence. I was lied to about all this.

When there are so many known instances of lying about other people, and continual bizarre behaviours, continual self absorption, continual lack of self insight, continual blaming of everyone else, and never looking within at who is the issue – you know not to believe what you are being told about anything.

Unhealthy, toxic people, who lie – never tell you the full story. They only tell you what they want you to believe – that gains them sympathy and no accountability. They manipulate people, and easily. It’s always someone else’s fault. Never theirs. They can do ‘no wrong’. They reel you in to their webs of deceit and drama. As narcissistic people do. Continue reading