Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My journey & message, are of HOPE. Because I am healing.

I do believe there is healing from complex trauma. It takes a massive amount of courage, dedication, effort and doing everything that is needed.

There are many complex layers, to healing complex trauma. I have been peeling away those layers, and tackling every one of them. Every wound. Every set of deep consequences of the wounds/abuse.

I have gone to counselling, at times dragging myself, at times truly wishing I could just give up instead.

But, I didn’t give up, I kept going. I still keep going.

I have devoted considerable time over the last 4 years, to researching and finding out everything I can about complex trauma. Read masses. Applied every tiny bit of my deep levels of resourcefulness, to finding out everything I need to know and do. And I knew I needed to find out from all the experts. I knew not to trust my own insight only, and to seek professional and wise advice. And I’ve learned so much and healed so much in the process.

I’ve had to be honest and face truly painful things done to me. I’ve had to be honest about Continue reading


I want a drama free life. And that means staying away from drama.

I choose a chaos free life and choose to only engage with people who also want a drama/chaos free life. I am enjoying being with chaos free people, who have maturity, insight and healthy boundaries.

Choices need to be made and we each decide if they improve quality of life, or not. Maturity is about making wise choices, having healthy boundaries, taking responsibility for our own lives, thoughts and actions.

No-one else can create a more peaceful and healthy life, but self.

drama 4

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Listened to advice about handling a group situation, and it is working out.

I know to seek advice on issues I am not always sure how to deal with. I asked how to manage a certain situation with an unhealthy, disordered person…. and the advice in counselling, was spot on.

When dealing with unhealthy, personality disordered people, you have to stay one step ahead of their issues, and take none of their issues personally (which I don’t) and do what’s best for ‘all’ concerned. This includes not giving in to the unhealthy person’s issues.

When this a group situation being threatened by divisive, controlling, self serving behaviours – this affects a group. But, often people within the group will likely have also noticed the issues of the person and don’t want that drama in their lives either.

It is a relief, when you hear other people feel the same way and have noticed all the same things Continue reading

Living an authentic life with integrity to your values and beliefs, is interesting.

This week has been an interesting week. Emotionally draining for several reasons, all valid.

It’s also been a week, of seeing how different I am to many around me.

My social media has been flooded with Halloween and Melbourne Cup (horse racing) posts. I don’t celebrate either.

I have made choices to not indulge in horse racing, because I know the horses are treated badly (I’ve watched the documentaries and I see them being whipped). I don’t believe in horses being treated the way they are, for human pleasure, when it is not a requirement to live well. I also do not believe gambling is healthy, and I don’t wish to participate in that, or support the gambling industry. And I actually don’t understand how people can claim to be animal lovers, and indulge in horse racing. Continue reading