Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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When an apology, is not an apology at all. Brisbane Grammar School – Royal Commission.


Just saw this on the news. Someone who failed many boys at this school, enabling a paedophile to abuse many boys, knowing it was occurring and kept the paedophile on staff…..stated at the Royal Commission…

“If an apology will make them feel better, then I apologise”.

This is not a genuine apology. If is a forced apology, with no genuine intent. It is a ‘I have to apologise, because I am being made to’ – fake apology.

There was no apology prior to being forced to confront this by the Royal Commission. Prior to this, the boys abused, have never received an apology, or any acknowledgement of their pain and suffering and the failure of those who were meant to protect them.

Shame on every single person who has ever failed to protect children, knowing they are being abused in this most horrific way. Destroying lives, some destroyed to the extent it leads to suicides. Others having the entire lives so severely affected.

Shame on every single school, church, children’s/youth organisation etc – who choose to consider their image and reputation – as a greater need, than the safety of our most vulnerable in society.

And yes, they do need to feel shame. Because what they have done, is disgusting and has led to such deep suffering. Continue reading


I choose a life free of chaos and avoiding unnecessary stress.

I realise all too well, you cannot heal within chaos and stress. So wherever possible, this needs to be removed from your life. It is a choice to be made and the only person who can choose this, is self.

People often rationalise putting themselves within chaos and unhealthy relationships/environments. Especially when this is someone’s ‘normal’. When raised within a childhood of fear, stress, chaos – it is your normal. But, it is does not need to stay that way. It is a still a choice – as to what you expose yourself to. Including people, situations, environments.

The only person that can ensure I lead a life of non chaos and more peace….. is me. So this is my choice. Continue reading

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Gardening is part of my healing journey :)

Gardening has many health benefits, including mental, spiritual and physical health. It is amazing for stress/anxiety management, mindfulness and creates joy.

For info on the health benefits – see @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!great-for-stressanxiety-reduction/c1ycp



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