Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Rose coloured glasses – is not reality, honesty, or truth. It is cognitively distorted thinking.

Seeing life, people etc – through rose coloured glasses, is popular. I get it. It helps people avoid reality. And reality is often not pretty. Those rose coloured glasses – make it seem prettier.

It is a form of ‘rationalising’ and a distorted mindset, that prefers to avoid reality. Which then sadly, leads to further issues, that the non deeply thinking mind, does not wish to see.

Rose coloured glasses wearing, is a choice to ‘filter out’ what may be unpleasant.

It is how some people cope with life, but is not ever about truth and reality. Makes life nicer, but avoids reality, which is far harder to deal with and takes far more courage. Continue reading


Second church visit, did not go so well. Over it already.

I truly wish I did not even have to consider church and church people. Their high levels of cognitive distortions, unwise thinking and capacity to harm people – spiritually – as well as in all other ways, bothers me greatly.

I really tried to see going to a church as a positive. As per my previous blog about the first visit. But, I already see the minister has ‘rose coloured glasses’ issues. As so many church people do. They think it is good to ‘only see the good and ignore/avoid the bad’. It’s actually very unwise and dangerous. This is what leads to harmful behaviours and abuse occurring. That bothers me. Doesn’t seem to bother most church people though.

It is interesting that Jesus did not model seeing only the good in people. He got pretty angry at people doing wrong, being abusive. He certainly didn’t pander to it, avoid it, condone it etc. He confronted it.

The youth group is ceasing to exist at the end of this term. And this was my driving force to attending. So my driving motivation, has gone. Continue reading