Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Had such a laugh with some fun ladies today :)

Met up again today with the group of ladies I was asked to admin a meetup facebook page for. It was such laugh!

It is so nice to spend time with thoughtful, fun women. And women who can talk a little about their lives, and also listen about other people’s lives. But also have a laugh in an appropriate way. Due to having that needed level of emotional maturity.

I am glad to be building more friendships slowly.



For many, it is easier to defend poor behaviours/thinking, than to face the truth.

Many people throughout my life, have been quick to defend poor, unhealthy behaviours, than to face them with honesty.

I see it all around me. It is a default position for most people. The truth, is too hard to deal with. Especially about self. It hurts the ego, to hear truth. So most people avoid, deny, defend etc.

This is why cognitive distortions and lies, are so common. And little wisdom as a result.

And why those who peddle in thinking/views/behaviours, that support cognitively distorted thinking…. are popular. People flock to it, as is supports their own unhealthy thinking needs. Continue reading