Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Still grieving and will be for a long time.

Discussed this in counselling today. Discussed how the extent and severity  of all the trauma, abuse, relationships I have to grieve, it will be a lifelong process.

I can’t remember the term used, but most grieving processes take around 18 months. But the extent of my trauma history, will not be grieved in that timeframe. It will be a lifelong journey.

I am doing everything I should be doing, and I still feel sad, depressed, angry etc, for periods of time throughout each week. This is normal. So whilst I do not want to feel this way, I am relieved to hear it is very normal. And is probably why Continue reading


Without the capacity for empathy, advice is never wise.


The capacity for empathy, is not common. Most people can have sympathy, and some not even that.

I always know when I am dealing with someone who either has, or does not have, the capacity for empathy, by Continue reading

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Fundamentalist church people, don’t represent me.

With all the fear and hatred being spewed at Muslims right now, I keep in mind, fundamentalists – don’t represent me in my faith, so I see these murderers, don’t represent most Muslims either.

I do not in any way identify with church people, who claim to be Christians, who simply use the Bible to hurt, harm and abuse others. Such as all those who physically abuse their children with physical discipline, and all those who abuse LGBTQ by telling them they are sinners and will go to hell.

I see very clearly – religion is used for abuse and harm, by far too many.

I know – every single time a child is abused, under the excuse of physical discipline, this becomes nothing to do with religion, because abuse is not of God.

I know every single time a church person states being gay is sin/an abomination, and quote Bible verses out of context, this becomes nothing to do with religion, because abuse is not of God.

There are many examples I could give about how the Bible is abused for abuse. Continue reading