Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Buddhism and karma, are abusive.



A Ph.D Psychologist confirming karma is magical thinking

@ http://www.logicallyfallacious.com/index.php/logical-fallacies/124-magical-thinking

From the above link…

“This describes how one who believes that they deserve bad fortune, will most likely experience it due to the confirmation bias and other self-fulfilling prophecy-like behaviour.  Yet there is no logical or rational basis behind the concept of Karma.

Tip: Magical thinking may be comforting at times, but reality is always what’s true.”

A lot of people believe in many things that are not rational and not truth. It may be soothing to believe something irrational, but it won’t Continue reading

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The good & not so good, of new medication.

I have chronic insomnia, and have had it since being a child. It is my ‘normal’ to not sleep well. All part of the PTSD/Complex PTSD, I have had all my life.

I either cannot go to sleep for hours, or if I do get to sleep at a decent time, I wake up really early.

It is a regular issue to have only 4-5 hours sleep. I have had periods of time where it gets better for a few weeks, but the insomnia always returns.

Recently, the insomnia has worsened considerably, and I discussed with my doctor/counsellor, the different medications available.

So, I am currently on Endep (Amitriptyline) – which is good for insomnia, muscle pain and hives. Dealing with three chronic issues I have, sounds like a great plan.

Two side effects I am having at the moment are dizziness and increased appetite. I keep having blackouts. And I want to eat – all day long!

Yesterday, I fell on the stairs due the dizziness, and have really hurt my butt. I fell backwards (which was better than forwards), and banged down onto one of the stairs and banged the top of my butt, against the next step up. Have a big bruise now. And it’s really sore.

And I am really hungry. Like starving, all day. I see why people put on weight easily on this medication.

I discussed these side effects with my doctor (this was prior to falling on the stairs), who checked my blood pressure, which seemed fine.

So I was advised to not get up quickly. So far, I have remembered to not get up quickly…. ummmm …. zero times. Continue reading