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More ‘overgeneralising’ about the Colorado Springs murders.


Robert Lewis Dear planned and intended to murder innocent people, at the Planned Parenthood centre in Colorado Springs. Including police officers.

And social media is now awash with anti-Christian hate. Apparently Dear claimed to be a Christian. A lot of people claim to be Christians and are not, by their very actions.

This man apparently appears to have a criminal history of violence and gun related crimes. If this is correct, then this would show a history of non Christian behaviours/attitudes. And these murdered are not Christian faith actions, either.

This man is a either a psychopath type, or has some kind of other mental health issues. Or is just evil. So I am not going to speculate, because I don’t know and neither does anyone else on social media. But, one thing I know for sure – Christians – even those opposed to abortion – would not consider these murders to be a true Christian behaviour. And most people identifying with being a Christian, would never commit any murder.

This cognitive distortion people love ‘overgeneralising’ and considering a whole group of people to be the same, based upon the actions of a few, is unhealthy and disordered thinking. Continue reading