Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Cardinal Pell, is why I don’t trust the Pope.

Just watched 60 Minutes. It is so clear Pell, is a liar, and tried to silence victims of severe sexual abuse by paedophile priests.

Protecting Pell’s reputation, and covering up paedophile abuse, was all Pell was interested in.

Considering the Pope has stated he wants to sort out the paedophile priests within the Catholic church…. the fact he promoted Pell and has not sacked him, is a huge red flag to me. It shows The Pope’s lack of compassion and lack of integrity.

If the Pope really cared about reducing child sexual abuse, he would not have Pell at the Vatican, or even employed within the Catholic church. The Pope will know all the Royal Commission has been exposing. Yet, he has failed to sack Pell. I wonder why…. ?

It was a huge red flag to me, when the Pope used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe physical discipline (abuse) to children. The word ‘beautiful’ is not a word most people would use, to describe hitting a child. Even if you believe in physical discipline, it is not word most would use. It smacks to me, of paedophile language. Continue reading

Expect the bullshit, but never accept it.


I’ve learned along my unusual 44 years of life, there is a lot of BS. A lot of lies, manipulation and dishonesty in the world. And I am unable to ignore it, because I see the harm it causes to so many people. To society. To humanity.

Being raised with such disordered, unhealthy and abusive people, all through my childhood, I learned vigilance young. To survive.  And now being pretty discerning as a result, I see a lot. A lot that others miss, or intentionally choose not to see – to make life easier. Or simply don’t even realise, is occurring, or is unhealthy.

‘Focus on the positive’ is a coping strategy for some people in life, as it makes life easier. But in doing that, those being harmed are ignored. With that, the harm is minimized and invalidated. I cannot do that.

So, I cannot be a ‘focus only on the positive’ person. As I see this is not dealing with reality. And it’s cowardly. And selfish.

I choose to deal with all life has. The good, the bad and the ugly. Which takes courage, empathy, inner strength and commitment to honesty and truth.

The truth is….. life is good, bad and ugly. And I see all.

I don’t have that capacity to choose not to see the negative. I have too much discernment, combined with too much integrity. I see enabling unhealthy behaviours, is just as harmful.

Plus, I have a fair amount of psychology understanding, both book learned and life experience learned. So, I also know many of the reasons why I have been so confused by people, all my life. I now know about cognitive distortions, ego issues, personality disorder traits, and how easily humanity is fooled into believing many, many lies. How honesty, self insight, empathy, maturity and many other virtues, are not common. Continue reading